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Hottest Haircut Trends in 2020 : Park Jun Korean Hair Salon in Niles, IL

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The new year is always a big time to make changes and symbolically start anew, and that includes changing up the locks! The latest haircut trends are short, clean and impactful, and perfect for starting fresh. Check out some of the haircuts that will be big in 2020!

The Modern Shag

Taylor Swift has been rocking different versions of the shag for years, and it’s finally caught on in a huge way with the modernized version. Not nearly as feathery or mullet-y as the original 80s shag cut, the modern shag is choppy, has lots of texture, and is great for nearly any hair texture or length.

The Textured Blunt Bob

A well-cut bob is classic and timeless, and in recent years the blunt bob has been especially popular. In 2020, the blunt bob trend will continue and also gain a bit more texture, for a more casual mussy look.

The New Pixie

The pixie is making a big comeback this year! Super short pixies are ultra modern and chic with very little movement. Also popular will be a variation of the pixie cut that’s a bit longer than typical, with soft layers and more movement.



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