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The Hottest Festival Hairstyles in Niles, IL : Park Jun Korean Hair Salon

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Who doesn’t love festival season, and all the amazing fashions and hairstyles that go into and come out of it! Here are just a few of the hottest festival hairstyles this season!

High Pony + Statement Accessory

Super easy and super pretty, a high pony paired with a statement hair accessory is a fun and easy way to do festival hair in just a couple minutes.

Twintail Braids

Great for keeping your hair out of your face and controlling pesky flyaways, twintail braids add romance and texture to your look! French, dutch, fishtail, rope twisted braid, a simple 3 strand braid - the choices are endless!

Color Your Heart Out

It wouldn’t be a festival without hair in all the colors of the rainbow! If you don’t want to permanently color your hair, try out hair color chalks that are easy (and fun!) to color on and easy to wash out.

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Half Up Space Buns

Don’t want to fully commit to gravity defying space buns? Go more low-key with half up space buns, and your buns will be a fun added detail rather than the focal point of your entire look.

Messy Top Knot

When you want your hair up and off your face and neck, a messy top knot is the great no-fuss option. Festivals can get messy, and the messier your top knot gets throughout the day the better!

Volumized Texture, Beachy Waves

Volume and texture is always in during festival season! Embrace and emphasize your natural hair’s texture, or add some if you have smooth locks with liberal use of salt or sugar sprays!

The Flower Crown

And of course, no festival would be complete without the ever present flower crown. This ‘do might just be the easiest of them all: simply bobby pin a ring of flowers to your head and you’re good to go. This look is great for literally every hair type and texture as well!



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